Bottling Happiness

West Coast Chilli was born from a favourite #chilli sauce #recipe passed down through generations of #family and #friends. It’s now created on the West Coast of South Africa in small #batches using fresh, locally sourced chillies.

All the #sauces have the same foundation recipe, though the flavours and heat levels vary depending on the type of chillies used. Sauces are #uncooked and have no onions or #sugar added. West Coast Chilli started in 2018 with just two different sauces; now there are eight with our #Pappabliksem recently launched. So now there’s a chilli sauce for every taste with a bite that ranges from #mild to #hot.

It’s not just about heat, though, what makes our sauces special is their depth of #flavour and #freshness. You could say we create ‘bottled happiness’.West Coast Chilli is created from a cherished family recipe. After 10 years working abroad, we returned to South Africa and our beloved West Coast to produce our special chilli sauces – all handmade with #passion.

We started with the original recipe, calling it ‘Ma se Sous’, followed by a stronger version called ‘Pa se Sous’. ‘Boetie se Sous’ is named after our son, because after making a five-litre trial #batch with red jalapenos we were given, he ate the entire batch within two weeks. ‘Sussie se Sous’ was then to complete the family circle and is also close to the original recipe but made with green #jalapenos.

Hai-Bo was an experiment that went right, when we received an incorrect delivery of 60kg of Birdseye chillies. It’s so delicious that Hai-bo is the first word that comes to mind when you taste it. ‘Ooh La La’ was then added, after so many requests were received from our customers for a #Habanero sauce.

All eight, sauces, however, come with the warning that they are deliciously addictive.