Passionate about Chillies

Passionate about Chilli?

Here at West Coast Chilli, we’re passionate about chillies. And while our personal experience with chilli and chilli sauces extends to our childhoods, we know that chilli is one of humanities earliest farmed crops.

Along with Chilli, the South Americans have gifted us with chocolate, potatoes, mielies and so much more. All are stables in any cuisine today with China now producing over half of the worlds 34.5 million tonnes of chilli annually.

But here in South Africa, we’re doing our fair share for the world’s chilli lovers. With local home-made and bespoke Chilli Sauces regularly featured at competitions locally and around the world, as well as our very own chilli farming industry, developing right here in our own back yard.

When we set up our business in 2018, it was after years of trial and error, many dozens of trips to the markets of Cape Town and the Western Cape and more failures than successes. But when we hit on a successful flavour, with just the right notes of garlic, salt and secret spices and a bite that followed through in as big a way as our flavour we knew we were onto something big.

Along the way, we’ve developed our entire range on a process of trial and error, while learning the ins and outs of running a business in South Africa, moving premises, making the most of incorrect deliveries, sorting out customer issues when things have gone wrong and all the way through we’ve not forgotten that at the heart of our business is a dedicated group of customers, stockists, suppliers and family and friends who’ve stuck by us through it all.

As a business, we remain committed to ensuring that we also support local, by sourcing our chillis direct from local farmers where possible, by working alongside local restaurants and other small business to promote our products together and to set an example of what a professional small business in South Africa can do.

We’re proud to be passionate about our chillis and are so genuinely thankful and grateful for those who remain passionate about our chilli’s too.

That’s real love!